DoubleDoink THCA Pre-Rolled Joints


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Introducing DoubleDoink THCA Pre-Rolled Joints from our friends at Delta Munchies!

Here at Augusta HempCo, we are proud to have a partnership with Delta Munchies located in Sunny California. We are now offering DoubleDoink THCA Pre-Rolled Joints, these are some of our in house favorites - and we are SURE you will love them, too!

  • 1.5 Grams Per Pre-roll (2 per pack, great for SHARING)
  • Glazed with Liquid Diamonds
  • Made With Premium Hemp
  • Rolled and Dusted in Kief
  • Infused With THC-A Diamond
  • This is NOT your Grandfather's Hemp, packs a mean punch!
  • Peach Cobbler - Hybrid; Strawberry Jam - Sativa; Berry Marmalade - Sativa

THCA Pre-Rolled Joints, so what exactly is THCA?

This is a great question we get a lot. Click on over to GreenState's Website for a little more information on the differences between THCA and THC, I think you will be just as surprised as we are that we can LEGALLY sell this in GEORGIA. USE RESPONSIBLY, Do not use or operate vehicles or heavy equipment while using these products.

These will pack a mean buzz, take it easy and share with a friend...

We also recommend Delta Munchies Delta-9 Gummies in 40 COUNT and also available in PARTY PACKS!

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Berry Marmalade, Strawberry Jam, Peach Cobbler


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