Freeze Dried Skittles 5oz Bag



Freeze Dried Skittles are VERY Unique!

Instead of being chewy like regular skittles, these just MELT in your mouth! They have the unique texture of being airy, crunchy, and crispy. I can't tell you how much better Freeze Dried Skittles are compared to the regular ones.

These are a MUST TRY item!

What is in them? Is there any Cannabis in these?

The only ingredient is Skittles. That’s it. They are just freeze dried. The freeze drying process freezes the item. As it thaws out, the machine puts it under vacuum pressure and sucks out all of the water. This process leaves you with a delicious, crunchy candy that melts in your mouth as soon as you bite it! These may be the best candy you have had, ever. Well, not really - but you will LOVE THESE!! They are available in all of your five favorite Skittles flavors: Strawberry, Lime, Orange, Grape, and Lemon. Try to eat a handful of these mixed with some peanuts, or just eat them plain. We have been putting them in a Zip-Lock bag and sneak them into the theater. Additionally, we plan on offering these in 1 pound bags for those of you who suddenly develop an addiction to them like we have.

We now sell these on our eBay Page!

Want to learn a little more about Freeze Dried Skittles?

Here are some pretty good resources talking about and explaining the processes that are involved with the newest food trend - Freeze Drying. The Process: How Stuff Works and Healthline: How Does Freeze Drying Work are two excellent resources to satisfy the foodie (and NERD) in all of us.

Give these a try and make sure you buy several bags to prevent running out!


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