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These gummies feature 50mg’s of a super strong THC-O formula. THC-O has been noted to be very potent, and have a mentally stimulating euphoric head high, and according to High Times – it is 300% more potent than Delta-9 THC. And the best part? No need to fight over the best flavor in the bag, they’re all pink! Five pieces per pouch.

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NOTICE: Beginning March 1, 2023 this will be the LAST of the THCO products. We have a small batch of remaining inventory and we CAN NOT take any back orders. The DEA has ruled that we can no longer manufacture or sell THCO. We apologize for any inconvenience.

What are Funni Gummies PinkBurst THCO?

Funni Gummies THCO PinkBurst flavored gummies are made from another "new" Hemp derived molecule known as THC-0 or THC-O Acetate. This molecule is making a big splash in the world of up and coming Cannabinoids. The Chicago Sun Times has stated that it is up to three times as potent as the active ingredient in Marijuana, Delta-9 THC. Because of it's extreme potency, it has been argued that is it one of the most potent Cannabinoid in the world, powerful enough that it can cause psychoactive effects along with euphoria.

What does THCO do for me?

Funni Gummies THCO PinkBurst gummies may take up to 60 minutes to take effect, which can vary depending the individual. It carries the psychoactive properties associated with Cannabis use and may produce a euphoric and body tingling experience. THCO is known for having a few of the following properties: anti-anxiety, anti-nausea, appetite stimulation, and reduced stress. If you are looking for a wonderful pain reliever, this will help you tremendously.

Funni Gummies THCO PinkBurst Can Be Too POTENT!

These gummies can be VERY potent, especially if you have never used these or any type of Cannabis before. We suggest that you cut these in half the first time you try these. Hallucinations, dry mouth, bloodshot eyes, dizziness, paranoia, high heart rate, and vomiting have been reported from patients taking THCO. If you feel like you got a little too much, don't forget we recommend using your favorite CBD Oil to help bring you back down. We DO NOT recommend using these products at all if you are pregnant or nursing. Furthermore, we recommend that you consult with your Physician before taking. As with all Hemp products, it is possible to experience a false positive for Marijuana use on a drug test.

Additionally, we offer a lower dosage for those who are experiencing more pain or who are just advance Cannabis consumers - Funni Gummies THCO 25mg - 5 count.

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