Georgia Cannabis Project Decals


These Georgia Cannabis Project Decals are just a little over an inch tall and look really good on anything you can think of. Put them on your coffee mug, your cooler you take to the pool. It doesn’t matter, just show it off and email us photos where ever you put it. We would love to put them in our photo gallery!

Georgia Cannabis Project Decals -They're finally here, due to popular demand.

The results of the Georgia Cannabis Project will have a lasting impact on future generations of Georgia to come. A lot of hard work and even more  luck went a long way to make Georgia the 34th State in the United States to have legalized the cultivation of Medical Marijuana. Join us, for it is time to celebrate knowing we have gained this freedom. Thanks to Georgia's Governors, Brian Kemp and Nathan Deal for helping see us through. God Bless you.



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