Georgia Cannabis Project Decals


These Georgia Cannabis Project Decals are just a little over an inch tall and look really good on anything you can think of. Put them on your coffee mug, your cooler you take to the pool. It doesn’t matter, just show it off and email us photos where ever you put it. We would love to put them in our photo gallery!

We are finally proud to offer these here at The Augusta Hemp Company. This logo represents the research project founded by Dr. Robert Milhous in February 2016 studying How To Legalize Cannabis in Georgia.




Georgia Cannabis Project Decals -They're finally here, due to popular demand.

The results of the Georgia Cannabis Project will have a lasting impact on future generations of Georgia to come. A lot of hard work and even more  luck went a long way to make Georgia the 34th State in the United States to have legalized the cultivation of Medical Marijuana. Join us, for it is time to celebrate knowing we have gained this freedom. Thanks to Georgia's Governors, Brian Kemp and Nathan Deal for helping see us through. God Bless you.

Georgia Cannabis Project Decals - What does this represent?

This logo represents the Georgia Cannabis Project. This was the project that Dr. Milhous founded in order to help with the legalization of Cannabis Cultivation in Georgia. The BEAUTIFUL red and black colors stand for our beloved University somewhere in Athens, Georgia. One of the many places Dr. Milhous worked in the legalization process was being a Cannabis Advisor to the University of Georgia beginning January 2019. HBTFD.

Georgia 34th State - Did You Know?

If you go to Google and type in "Georgia 34th State" you will see an article pop up from the Atlanta Journal Constitution printed on April 2, 2019. Dr. Milhous has had so many people "Google" that exact phrase to the point that it messed with their algorithms resulting in the Atlanta Journal Constitution article to be the top result.

Ask yourself: Think it sounds silly that Dr. Milhous would spend countless hours of his time stopping to talk to complete strangers and having them Google "Georgia 34th State" on their phone just to mess with Google's ranking algorithm in order to make that Atlanta Journal Constitution rise to the top? This was just to leave BREADCRUMBS.

You should hear the rest of the stories.

Read the Atlanta Journal Constitution article and pay close attention to the last line - "HB 324 would make Georgia the 34th state to allow some form of marijuana cultivation." As a result of a lot of people's hard work, on July 24, 2021... the first six Marijuana Cultivation licenses were issued to private hands in a long, long time here in Georgia. We were told it would never happen.


We MADE GEORGIA GROW AGAIN and there is a lot more to come.

Be sure to find our Georgia Cannabis Project Channel on YouTube if you want to learn more about getting a Georgia Medical Marijuana Card, learning how to grow Cannabis (Hemp and Marijuana) in Georgia LEGALLY, among a ton of other topics that need to be discussed. We hope to have it operational by March 2023.

Georgia Medical Marijuana Card applications will be available upon request.



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