PangaeaRx Anti-Anxiety Tincture

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The therapeutic benefits found in this hybrid cannabis strain are scientifically known to help calm the mind, provide anti-inflammatory and pain relief, ease cramps/spasms, stimulate sleepiness, elevate mood, relieve stress, encourage appetite, and to treat nausea. Together, the proprietary, Anti-Anxiety terpene profile compounded with the robust, market-leading, CBD extract produce measurable, quality of life results that are sure to put you in a better place.

Comprised of only three ingredients – proprietary, plant derived Anti Anxiety terpene profile; organically grown, CBD-rich hemp extract; and organic coconut oil (MCT).

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2 reviews for PangaeaRx Anti-Anxiety Tincture

  1. Meg (verified owner)

    THIS STUFF IS LIFE CHANGING! I have tried lots of different brands and tinctures of CBD oil to treat some MAJOR anxiety. After suffering from unexplained panic attacks for years, my anxiety and panic attacks slowly began to subside with twice daily CBD oil. The PangaeaRx Anti-Anxiety Tincture works specifically for anxiety and definitely works better than any other brand or blend I have every tried. I take one dropper full in the morning, and sometimes again in the afternoon. I can’t live without this stuff!

  2. Theresa McCoy

    After MONTHS of anxiety, I finally ordered the Anti-Anxiety Tincture… Wish I had ordered it earlier! I have taken anti-anxiety meds before but hated the idea of taking drugs long term so I quit taking it. I’ve used essential oils for years with good results so I knew cbd oil had to be a good option. This product is much better for me than taking meds and I feel good about using it. Just a few drops in the morning and I’ll have a great day!

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