PangaeaRx Bath Fizzer

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Long Day? Let it go with a relaxing CBD Bath Fizzer. Not only does it contain premium natural ingredients that will leave your skin feeling quenched and smooth, but it also contains 25mg of full spectrum CBD-rich extract, along with olive and essential oils to alleviate the aches, pains, and stress of your day. But we didn’t stop there! The fizzers also contain a naturally derived agent to add a lasting layer of bubbles to an already amazing bath experience. Go ahead and drop one in the tub and soothe your day away!


2 reviews for PangaeaRx Bath Fizzer

  1. Meg

    This is not your average bath bomb! Whether you are looking to sooth achy muscles, back pain, or just want to chill after a rough day, this thing will relax your entire body. Using just half of one will probably do the job, but if you want an extra dose of full body chill, drop a whole one in the tub! This thing is fabulous!

  2. Theresa McCoy

    Got these for my daughter for her birthday. She just used the first one sent me a text saying “…the bath bomb was great!! Relaxing and it fizzed for so long!!” We’ll be ordering more!

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