“One of the best things you have done for me is to recommend that I try the Pangaea CBD capsules. I had already failed on the liquid oil…its a texture thing…and really needed something. I have had 5 spinal fusions and had been on hydrocodone 2-3 times daily for 10 yrs or more. My pain level is pretty high most of the time. While my pain threshold is high, the pain is much greater. I’m a tough old bird as you know; but with all the hardware in my spine, I hurt most of the time. After several months taking 1 capsule each day, I am now completely opioid-free and my pain is under control most of the time. I still have some days when I need more than 1 capsule of the Pangaea CBD oil and 1 more capsule will take care of it. That is a major step forward for me. I highly recommend it to anyone who has pain. Thank you so much for recommending the Pangaea CBD capsules for me. I had been looking for something besides narcotics for pain for a long time; and this really works.”

Judy G.
Evans, Georgia

“The Pangaea CBD oil is great, specifically the unwind formula. I have been taking prescription Lunesta sleep medication for years as I work rotating shift work and a sleep schedule isnt something I know much about. I have tried all sorts of other things but to no avail. My body laughs at melatonin and any other sleep aid I have ever tried. Dr. Milhous recommended that I try the unwind formula so I did. I am now sleeping great and through the night. I havent taken a Lunesta in almost 2 months. It sounds to good to be true but I’m telling you this stuff is legit.”

William H.
North Augusta, SC

“Hi, I just wanted to drop a line about how great the Pangaea Rx Anti-anxiety formula. I tried it, and within 5 minutes, I could tell a major difference. Usually, I have a short fuse and the smallest things upset me. With the CBD, I felt great throughout my work day. I just wanted to say thanks again for such a great product. I will be recommending this to everyone I know who has anxiety problems.”

Thanks again,
Ryan P.

“I’ve been using Pangea anti anxiety formula for a few months. I have tried a few CBD tinctures in the past and this one has made all the difference. I first noticed how well it worked when I was preparing for a job interview awhile back and had some pretty serious butterflies in my stomach. I have some decent anxiety issues and it presents in physical ways especially in my stomach and GI tract. I took a full dropper and went about getting ready for the interview. Within 3-5 minutes the butterflies were gone and I felt calm and ready to take on the interview. As I continued to use it I noticed that after about a week it was starting to change my outlook on day to day life and keeping me very level and at ease. I have since purchased different tinctures for family as well. Whether it’s muscle and joint pain relief with their tinctures or salves or just helping me manage anxiety without pills I look to Pangea and my local doctor (exclusively carrying these products) to help me get through pain and anxiety.”

Gene N.
Augusta, Georgia

“I’ve never shied away from natural remedies but I confess that the stigma of the idea of pot or hemp and therefore CBD oil gave cause to be wary. However, after strong pain killers and muscle relaxers failed me and my insurance denied me even an MRI, I overcame my hesitation and tried CBD oil for muscle relaxation. I’ve been blown away! I could barely lift my legs to get in and out of a car much less walk any distance without horrible pain. Now, I can not only get in the car but drive, walk my dog, I even walked a day at Disney World! It’s cliche, but it’s changed my life.”