About Us

Hello, my name is Dr. Robert Evan Milhous. I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic and have been practicing in my hometown of Augusta, Georgia at the Augusta Chiropractic Clinic since 2009.

In August 2015 I had a minor stroke that left me with weakness in my right shoulder and arm, as well as increasing anxiety and panic attacks. Not being someone who just sits idly waiting to heal, I immediately began looking into natural alternative therapies. While looking into Medical Marijuana as a form of treatment, I eventually stumbled across Hemp – a plant known for having large amounts of CBD or Cannibidiol.

After noticing how much better I felt using CBD in combination with lots of Chiropractic care, I introduced it to my patients in my clinic in February of 2018. Once I began educating all my patients that it was not Marijuana, more and more were willing to begin trying it. Eventually I brought several national brands into my practice, and was carefully attentive to the results my patients were experiencing. Soon after, lots of my patients, family, and friends were living a better quality of life.

In the Fall of 2019, I sat down with two owners of Pangaea Rx, a new, veteran-owned CBD product company from Atlanta, Georgia. After the first few drops, I knew I had found something completely different. I immediately began using their products and had them send me samples for my patients to try. Many phone calls, emails, and text messages started to roll in thanking me for introducing them to such amazing products.

I highly recommend these products and have personally experienced many positive results while using them. We are proud to announce that we can finally offer these products online here at the Augusta Hemp Company. Whether you’re experiencing anxiety, muscle or joint pain, or having trouble sleeping we have a formula that’s right for you.


Dr. Robert Evan Milhous