Georgia Cannabis Project

This brand is here to remind us that WE MADE GEORGIA GROW AGAIN.

What does this logo represent?

This was the project that Dr. Milhous founded in order to help with the legalization of Cannabis Cultivation in Georgia. The BEAUTIFUL red and black colors stand for our beloved University somewhere in Athens, Georgia. One of the many places Dr. Milhous worked in the legalization process was being a Cannabis Advisor to the University of Georgia beginning January 2019. (HBTFD.)


We MADE GEORGIA GROW AGAIN and there is a lot more to come.

You can NEVER say enough THANKS.

The results of the Georgia Cannabis Project will have a lasting impact on future generations of Georgia to come. A lot of hard work and even more luck went a long way to make Georgia the 34th State in the United States to have legalized the cultivation of Medical Marijuana. Join us, for it is time to celebrate knowing we have gained this freedom to see the Cannabis Industry explode in our State.

A very special thanks to Georgia’s Governors, Brian Kemp and Nathan Deal for helping see us through. Thank you to all those who risked everything on an idea that was almost unobtainable. Thanks to everyone at ALL of the educational institutions who helped us along the way and especially to the FAMILY and FRIENDS who believed. We Made Georgia Grow Again because of all of you. God Bless you.

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